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23 November 2020

MSD Panels Hormigón - Stoneslikestones - Colonia oficina

Our distributor StoneslikeStones has participated in the design of one of the meeting rooms at CBC Broadcast Center in Cologne (Germany). CBC is the production and technology company of RTL, the largest television, radio and audiovisual production group in Europe.

StoneslikeStones has installed MSD Realistic Wall Natural horizontal concrete panels. The clean lines, elegance and neatness of this type of panel are a trend in the creation of “workspaces” or workspaces around the world.

The meeting room has been designed to multiply creativity, motivation and focus of the professionals who use it. The passage of time is faithfully reflected in the design of this decorative panel, which imitates concrete exposed to the elements.

The furniture is well distributed here and has been chosen to create a certain atmosphere of serenity, functionality, organization and, at the same time, with notes of color in the design chairs and other elements bringing fun to the workspace.

Rich texture and color

The rich texture of the coated wall of these artificial concrete panels evokes with total realism the original material. Its color is also very precise: it is obtained through a combination of mineral pigments that are printed inside the material itself, obtaining an unalterable color and a coating suitable for placement in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Technical features

  • Resistance. Very resistant to impacts and chemicals.
  • Reaction to fire. M3. Available in version Bs2, d0 (fireproof).
  • Temperature. Does not contract or expand.
  • Unalterable. Unalterable to weather and UVA rays.
  • Waterproof. Suitable for installation in humid rooms.
  • Use. Outdoor and indoor. Walls and ceilings.
  • Durability. Ten year guarantee.

Photo: StonelikeStones.

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