The satisfaction of DIY with Bricomanía

17 December 2018

DIY is everywhere these days. From Pinterest to the pages of this very blog, it’s hard to go anywhere on the Internet without running across a million examples of the satisfaction that it engenders.
People are being driven to do DIY projects because they feel like they can handle the task and just because they enjoy the work. Bricomanía has been a public’s favorite home improvement television program of all times, and provides to all of us with the help needed to reach this beautiful and encouraging DIY satisfaction.

Bricomanía has returned this season with new and suggestive ideas of DIY and gardening so you can easily make them come true. The program set has been designed with a large display of up-to-date DIY tools and accessories. In this set we can see MSD Realistic Wall
light brown brick.

These elements are distributed on a walled background lined with the loft MSD Realistic Wall light brown rough brick panel. The program continues to have a central theme whose work is carried out by “handyman” Kristian Pielhoff. Once a month, the main host has the help and company of an star guest.
At Briconsejos section, Kristian teaches the viewers how to make small arrangements and to put in place different accessories and decor ornaments. As always, Bricomanía provides practical tricks to improve your home and presents the latest market developments and shopping opportunities.

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