Very small kitchen designs? Here are our tips!

2 February 2021

If you have a very small kitchen, but you want to look wider than it is, listen our tips. A small kitchen, with the suitable panels, can be a very special place to be, to enjoy a cup of coffee or to cook a delicious meal. From MSD Panels, here are our tips.

The problems with small kitchens are as follows:

  • You don’t have room to add a lot of decorative elements.
  • You will feel that the space lacks light and personality due to the accumulation of practical elements.
  • You will not know how to give it that “relaxing” touch that is so appreciated when you enter it in the morning.

What is done in these cases to design or redesign a small kitchen, to make it have personality and not just a place to cook, drink coffee and go out in a hurry, is to play with two factors: light and finishes in the partitions or walls.

Imagine a narrow but very long kitchen. If you decorate that long wall and line it with wood or brick, you will get a very powerful personality (with brick) or relaxing (with wood). As a bonus, if you add the projection of a warm LED light, which casts its beams on the material, you will maximize the desired effect.

MSD Panels Restaurante Alemania StoneslikeStonesCombine our MSD Panels to transform your small kitchen in an awesome one

But of course, covering an entire wall with natural wood is expensive. In addition, if we are talking about a kitchen, moisture and heat can take their toll on the material. But if we use decorative panels, things change. Our paneling imitates wood but with all its drawbacks, it is easy to install and we have a wide range of finishes that will surely adapt to your wishes.

MSD Panels works only with professionals. We can advise you without obligation on which panels are ideal for your client’s kitchen. Thank you very much for choosing us.

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