Decorative Bicycle Storage Ideas

3 June 2019

MSD Ladrillo rojo macizo

To celebrate World Bicycle Day, here are some decorative ways to make storing your bike easier in small areas. Dress your wall in keeping with the latest fashion, with the implement that provides you with the most happiness and the greatest exertion!

Likewise, hanging the bike on a wall decorated with panels not only saves space, but adds functionality and style. Its beautiful shapes and lines, on the texture of a brick, stone or concrete panel wall, for example, are truly instagramable!

This solution provides all the advantages: it is fast, simple, cheap and beautiful. And it is good for your health: as a constant reminder of the good times experienced on our cherished bike. It will encourage us to get it down right away, and get back in the saddle.

Depending on the size of the rooms, the interior design style of your home, workplace or holiday home and the available storage space, the perfect solution is always at hand to decorate and store your bike with a fun, colourful touch.

Decorate your wall with MSD Realistic Wall solid brick panels. The change will amaze you! These brick finishes accentuate the roundness of the material, giving a lot of character to the wall. For country houses, solid white brick is ideal. The loft solid brick is perfect for giving strength to the wall of a downtown apartment.

Choose the wall you want to stand out, place some hooks to hold it securely, hang your bike and there you have your decorative focal point in your favourite room.

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