Walls Dressed with Latest Technology Panels

17 February 2020

MSD Panels piedra rustica

Many stone walls that catch our attention in new constructions, are actually walls cladded with the latest technology panels, such as those of MSD Realistic Wall  Panels

Ideal for the demanding work of architects, decorators and contractors who are looking for guaranteed results and finishes with a great visual impact, MSD panels stand out for their enormous added advantages. They offer a ten year warranty and are manufactured in Spain by professionals who provide advice on what to choose from the wide variety of references in their catalogue, as well as how to install them. 

Made with high quality polyester resin and fibreglass, on a real wall mould, MSD decorative Panels reproduce exactly the decorative styles you like best, especially the rustic style of the typical Spanish stone constructions.

From the point of view of construction, almost everything is possible: even roofs, arches, beams, columns or rounded corners can be easily cladded with this type of synthetic panels.

Expensive, laborious interventions on your walls are no longer necessary when fitting flat screens or illuminated shelves: the necessary cables are simply fitted during installation, in a few minutes, without any masonry work!

Better than natural stone

MSD artificial cladding Panels for indoor and outdoor use are better than natural stone for completion time, price and durability. Our stone panels resist water, high temperatures and are quicker to install.

For price and quality, more and more architects choose artificial stone panels for their projects. Whether you are a distributor or a construction professional, get more information

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